River Road at West Englewood Avenue Teaneck, New Jersey
23.24 acres

Andreas Park

Marie Andreas Park was dedicated in 1952. It is located west of River Road in the northwest section of Teaneck Township. The eastern side of the park is bounded by River Road and private residences located on River Road, Academy Lane, Wendell Place and Starview Court. A pond created by a broad dyke which forms a convenient and pleasant walkway. Other facilities in the park include a children's wading pool, slide, merry-go-round, swinging gate, large swings, small swings, a sandbox, climbing structure, monkey bars, and one tennis court.

Dedication of the Maria W. Andreas Memorial Park

Dedication of Andreas Park

The Maria W. Andreas Memorial Park officially came into being on Memorial Day, 1952. With this dedication ceremony a page of Township history was turned; placing on the record of the future the memory of a family who thought of and loved Teaneck first.

The Andreas estate covered in area of three and one-half acres on the banks of the Hackensack River. Abutting it on the North and South are municipally owned lands dedicated to the use of residents as a public park. The gift of the estate makes possible the enlarged new park area.

Maria W. Andreas first took position of this land on April 30, 1890. She built her home here and remained until she passed away on June 27, 1921. Her son, Frederic, inherited the estate and made it his home until his departure for Florida in 1951.

Frederic Andreas, one of Teaneck's civic leaders during its growing years, wanted its people to enjoy the area as he had, and as his mother has before him. He therefore deeded the property, valued at $45,000, to the municipality with the understanding that when he left it the mansion would be torn down and the park created. He asked that the park be named after his mother and left a check for $1,500 with the Township to cover all expenses involved in the erection of a Boulder Monument and the plaque placed upon it. Mr. Andreas was a leader of the community for many years. He was elected to the Township Committee and served as its Chairman. His efforts as Finance Chairman and Police Commissioner were a major factor in laying the foundation on which these efficient departments are operating today. Through his services on the Planning Board, he has left an indelible impression on the community-making Teaneck the fine residential community it has become. This park will be a memorial to him as well as his mother-people who pioneered the Township of Teaneck.


Henry Deissler, Mayor
C. J. Haggerty, Deputy Mayor
C. W. Brett; C. E. Clayton; M. G. Votee; James T. Welsh, Municipal Manager



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