Getting To Know You

By John Garbarino

(From: The Teaneck News, Wednesday, December 9 1981, p.3)

Frank HallFrank Hall, mayor of Teaneck since June 1978, has been a member of the Town Council 16 years.

A registered independent, Mayor Hall believes Teaneck's municipal-manager government is superior to other forms of government, best serving the community.

"Changes in a form of government should be by referendum," the mayor stated, commenting on a six-bill package from the State intended to modify municipal manager governments. "As a package, the bills chip away at the original intention of our form of government."

Although Teaneck's population dropped slightly in the 1980 census, Mayor Hall favors the continuation of a seven-member Town Council.

"The demands of the Council have been greatly increased over the years," he noted. "The larger the Town Council. the greater the chance for diverse groups in Teaneck to be represented."

Proud of the multi-ethnic nature of his community, the councilmember was the campaign manager for "The Central 6th Grade Integration Plan" of 1964-65.

Concerns of the mayor range from Teaneck's youth to its older persons.

"If a program like Rahway's 'Scared Straight' will help, I'm for it," Frank Hall explained. "But I want to see more positive programs, such as storefront activities, right in Teaneck. Many kids are fight on the borderline; they could go either way. We have to provide specialized services for this group and all groups in the community."

"One of the High School's weak spots is guidance," he continued. Too much clerical work, such as rearranging schedules, takes time away from what they are trained to do, and should be doing -- helping students.

Commenting on services for older persons, Mayor Hall stated. "Within a few months, improved senior citizens' facilities will be available at the Town House. "Construction is at the mid-way stage and there are no hitches so far.

Mayor Hall would like to see Teaneck's Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan reinstated - "We must do our housekeeping" - and views Glenpointe as a valuable asset, leading to increased services for the community.

The councilmember also serves on the Planning-Board and is chairman of the nine-member Mayors' Committee for Rail Commuting, responsible for restoring passenger service on the West Shore Railroad.

An editor most of his life, Mayor Hall presently writes engineering procedures and standards for a company in Parsippany, as well as teaching writing to engineering students at CCNY. He was graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University, with a B.S. in industrial management.

"Its a great time to be living in Teaneck," Frank Hall concluded. "Taxes are stabilizing and services are improving. Everything is upbeat."


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