Getting To Know You

By John Garbarino

(From:  Teaneck News, Feburary 3, 1982)

(This is the second in a series of profiles of Teaneck Town Council members to appear periodically in The Teaneck News. This week, meet Deputy Mayor Andy Edelman.)

Andy EdelmanDeputy Mayor Andy Edelman, designated fill-in for the mayor when he can't attend a meeting or function, is completing his fourth year as a member of the Teaneck Town Council.

A member of the Community Relations Advisory Board, Mr. Edelman - who likes to be called Andy describes this board as unique to Teaneck.

"The Advisory Board was created about 20 years ago to deal with racial and religious tensions within the community," the council member explained. "Teaneck was changing and means were sought to defuse issues by talking face to face, person to person, neighbor to neighbor."

Andy, attends other town meetings for his own education, and notes that the Advisory Board has merged with the League of Women Voters and the Board of Education to host "Teaneck Says Hello."  This is the annual welcome to new homeowners in the community. 

The council member considers Teaneck's municipal manager form of government, an excellent way to run the community.

The council sets the parameters and guidelines, and professionals carry things out in an organized and efficient manner, with regard to present and future objectives," he stated. "I am proud of the Library and Town House renovations and pleased with the outcomes, which show presence of mind with foresight under pressure."

Andy considers formulating the budget a challenge.

The first draft of the budget includes every request and dollar amount from private citizens, community groups, and township officials," he added. "it is up to the council to pare it down and put it together."

A registered democrat, the council member considers himself fortunate to live in and raise a family in Teaneck.

"Because of the makeup, of the town, we are able to enjoy the broadest scope and share the cultures and experiences of many," Andy stressed. "As one of our slogans goes, we are close enough to the Big Apple to take a bite and far enough away to grow a tree.

Andy Edelman and his wife, Jody, are active in the Teaneck's Home States League during baseball season. The council member is currently a coach in Biddy Basketball (C-9). 

"Teaneck's council is geared to benefit the town." Andy concluded. "In a nonpartisan government, labels don't matter.  The commitment is to the community and not a political machine."


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