Costa Issues 10-Point Program For His Re-election to Council

(From:  The Record, 1966, exact date unknown)

Teaneck -- Deputy Mayor Thomas J. Costa, seeking re-election to a third term on the Council, yesterday released a 10-point program which includes strong support for the reorganization of the Chamber of Commerce and a promise to continue pressure on the Free-holders for improvements on the Hackensack River.

Costa, who was a school trustee for 9 years prior to his election as Councilman in 1958, said the reorganization of the Chamber would mean an increased role in revitalizing and expanding the economic life of the community.

"The Hackensack River must be rid of its polluted condition," Costa said, "that is why the County Board of Freeholders must complete its study.  The erection of a dam at the Midtown Bridge between Bogota and Hackensack would provide a fresh-water recreation lake that would be a great value to Teaneck residents."

The Deputy Mayor called for a study of the former West Englewood Railroad Station to see if it could be used for some Township program.  He said the long-abandoned station is a constant source of trouble to the police because of vandalism.  Costa said a feasibility study should be undertaken to determine whether a new firehouse should  be built in the West Englewood section.

The Teaneck Jaycees have suggested a code of ethics ordinance, and Costa, a local attorney, urged its adoption if the statute conforms with the requirements of the Council-Manager form of government and the State Civil Service regulations.

Costa opposes the erection of high-rise luxury apartments.  "I feel these apartments, although providing needed tax ratables, would change the character of the town considerably," he said, "Citizens should be permitted to determine by referendum whether the majority is in favor of high-rise luxury apartment buildings.  This is more important than additional needed tax ratables."

Speaking on a recent suggestion by one of the candidates that the New York Stock Exchange be located in Teaneck meadowland near Glenwood Park, Costa opposed the idea.  "Permitting commercial and business offices in this area would greatly change its character.  There is insufficient land to provide for the Exchange buildings, brokerage houses, banks, offices, restaurants, and parking for approximately 4,000 to 5,000 people."

Costa said he favored relocation of the Stock Exchange in Bergen County but in an area suitably zoned.

The Deputy Mayor urged completion of the County Golf Course and Marine in Overpeck meadows, but opposed the suggested construction of a County incinerator in the same area.


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