Re-Elect Councilman Jack Walsh
on Tuesday, May 10 1966

His experience and background will keep Teaneck vigorous

(From: Campaign  material kept at Teaneck Public Library, photo from separate source)

John WalshIn the four years that John K. Walsh has been a Teaneck Councilman, he has brought to the deliberations of the Town Council a mature judgment and a rare wisdom, seasoned by his background. A product of St. John's College, Fordham University and the St. John's University School of Law, Councilman Walsh was admitted to the New York Bar in 1958, and to the New Jersey Bar in 1959. The following year he was admitted to the U.S. District Courts for New York and New Jersey, and to the U.S. Supreme Court.

From 1960 to 1966, he was the Assistant Bergen County Prosecutor, specializing mainly in trial work and in narcotic law enforcement. During that period, he was also an Instructor of Business Law at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

At present, he is a partner in the law firm of Walsh, Siegel and Picinich in Teaneck.

Among his professional affiliations are membership in the Catholic Lawyers Guild, the New York State Bar Association, the New Jersey Bar Association, the Bergen County Bar Association, the American Bar Association, the Attorney's Society of Bergen County, the National and New Jersey District Attorney's Association.

He is also a member of the Teaneck Chapter of UNICO National, the Elks, the Knights of Columbus, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion and the Jaycees.

INCREASED PARKLANDS -- He will work to increase Teaneck's parklands including the Hackensack River area, as well as to improve existing parks through better maintenance and upkeep.

EXTENDED RECREATION -- He will work to extend Teaneck's Recreation Program for youth and adults alike.  In cooperation with the Board of Education, use well be made of school classrooms, gymnasiums, auditoriums and land during those hours when schools are not in session.

IMPROVED LIBRARY FACILITIES -- He will work to improve and air condition Teaneck's pride and joy -- its Library -- through the use of Federal and State grants.  He will attempt to have the Library declared at the 9th Congressional District Depository for Federal Government publications.

PRESERVE SUBURBAN CHARACTER -- He will work against the intrusion into Teaneck of high-rise construction, heave industry, incinerators and any other facility that would detract from the Township's suburban atmosphere.

INCREASED BENEFITS FOR SENIOR CITIZENS -- He will petition the Governor and State Legislators for increased benefits and exemptions for Teaneck's senior citizens. These will include greater exemptions under existing real-estate taxes as well as any proposed new taxes. He will work to open municipal facilities, to provide increased local aid, and to complete a housing study for Teaneck's elder residents.

BETTER USE OF HUMAN RESOURCES -- He will work to tap Teaneck's huge reserve of human resources to insure that the most-qualified people serve on the Township's Advisory and Statutory Boards.

ATTRACT NEW, QUALITY RETAILERS -- He will recommend the establishment of a Citizen's Committee whose sole function and obligation will be to attract into Teaneck's business centers high-quality merchants.

INSURE AESTHETIC COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION -- He will recommend the establishment of a Board of Design Review to insure the aesthetic quality of all new commercial construction.

ECONOMY THROUGH COOPERATIVE BUYING -- He will work to save money without sacrificing quality through cooperative buying the Teaneck Board of Education, surrounding communities and the County Purchasing Agent.

BETTER TRAFFIC SYSTEMS --- He will continue to prod the State and the County on Teaneck's ever-increasing traffic problems.  Special attention will be paid to Cedar Lane, the railroad bridge, the Teaneck road Circle, State Street, Roemer Avenue and River Road.

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