Source:  The Teaneck News, Wednesday, April 24, 1974 - page 23

Dorothy Silverstein

DOROTHY SILVERSTEIN: Age: 38. Resident: 9 years. A.A.S., Co-chairman, Aroused Citizens of Teaneck. Member, Teaneck Together; FACT; Temple Emeth. Member, executive board, PTA. Guest speaker, Operation Community Talent. Married. Two children.

Question: What proposals do you have for improving the appearance of all the business areas in town?

Answer:  a) Visual desirability-design competitions, enforced remodeling codes, more greenery, murals on unattractive exposed walls, elimination of superfluous advertising. b) Self-containment encouragement of good mix of businesses, emphasis on quality. c) Easy accessability - substantial unmetered municipal parking to decrease traffic and increase pedestrian flow; angle parking might accommodate more cars; bicycle racks will attract the ecology minded; weekly free senior citizen jitney service might generate interest. In addition, pedestrian amenities might include a sidewalk cafe.

Question: What would you consider essential for an integrated program for park development?

Answer: A sound parks program is one that fulfills all recreational needs while acknowledging the importance of preserving land in its natural state. In addition to existing activities for students, programs for senior citizens, and contemporary playground equipment for children should be provided. Perhaps a mini-zoo in one of the underdeveloped parks. Local theatrical groups could alternate with some professionals in addition to relatively inexpensive "Film Festivals" to unite Teaneck through theater in the park.


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