Teaneck Topics (Max A. Hasse Jr.)

By Dorothy Belle Pollack

(From: The Sunday Sun, October 27, 1963)

Max A. Hasse, Jr.The wedding rehearsal was set on Monday Night at 8: the wedding itself was take place the following day.

The bride appeared in church on time for rehearsal; so did everyone else, everyone, that is, except the groom.  The the groom's brother-in-law took his place.  Twice they rehearsed this way.  It was now 9:30.  Suddenly, the church door was swung open, and in dashed the groom, breathlessly running heading down the aisle, a cynosure for condemning stares.  Where had he been all this time?  To a scout meeting, of course. 

And for 25 years since then, Councilman Max A. Hasse's wife habe been tagging along with her spouse to all his scouting activities.

"At our first anniversary" recalls our popular Councilman, "Louise sat all dressed up in her party best through the whole long scout meeting; after it was all over, THEN we went out. She's just a wonderful girl".

Louise's husband does not lack for admirers either in town.

Born in Teaneck in 1915, in a little house on Kipp and Front streets, that still belongs to his mothers' estate, Hasse grew up among farms and woodlands.

Hasse used to take long walks with his father through the Phelps woods, and drink out of the springs there. "We'd walk through the area where Fairleigh Dickinson's parking lot is now. We'd sit under the trees, eat our lunch, and talk together. I can even smell the pines now".He attended Emerson School and Teaneck High School. Dr. Little was principal then. What was his favorite subject? "Well, you have to be careful" notes our diplomat "Some of those teachers are still around. But I guess I liked art best". The high school had about 100 students in those days. The figures have altered since then.After high school, he took courses at Rutgers in Electrical and Power Plant engineering, and is now a licensed power plant and refrigeration engineer.Hasse started work at the age of eight, delivering newspapers through Bogota and Teaneck. "I also mopped the floors in the old Phelps Manor Pharmacy; then I was graduated to delivery boy, and then, counter boy".After high school days, he would bike from Front street in Teaneck to 48th street and 6th avenue in New York City, where he had a job as a locksmith's helper. At 6 p.m., he would bike back to Hackensack, where he had a job as counter man in a pharmacy. Then, at 10 p.m., he would head for home on the trusty bicycle, a remarkable schedule, to say the least.He now owns a piece of land in Greenwood lake, which he bought at the age of 19. He was assistant engineer, at the time, at the Hotel Paramount in New York. Tuesdays, his days off, he would bike to Greenwood Lake, enjoying the outdoors. When the now defunct "Daily Mirror" was selling lots of 50 by 100 feet, he bought two for the total sum of $200. Then he built a tent platform, dug a well, and set up a perfect place for camping. his favorite hobby. Our former Deputy Fish and Game Warden of the State of New Jersey also likes swimming, wild life, and nature study."I have a fully equipped Volkswagon Camper, and I'm very proud of that." The family takes camping trips on weekends, and has camped throughout the Everglades and the Smokies.In 1927 he joined Troop 95 of the Boy Scouts, "and I've been going strong ever since". He subsequently became assistant scoutmaster, scoutmaster, and committee man of the cub pack, and served on the Tantaqua District Board. He is the recipient of Scouting's highest award, the Silver Beaver.

In fact his home on Amsterdam avenue may be called unofficial scouting headquarters. He has given life-saving and swimming instruction to boy scouts in his pool (built with boy scout help), he has condected weight-lifting classes in his back yard, and the Drum and Bugle Corps practices regularly in the loft above his garage.

His Teaneck interests are manifold. He has been campaign chairman of the Teaneck Blood Association, chairman of the Teaneck March of Dimes, one of the Babe Ruth League organizers, active member of PTA's, and has served on two township boards: Board of Adjustment, and Parks and Playgrounds Advisory Board. He is also a member of the board of trustees of the Teaneck Presbyterian Church.Having lived in Teaneck all his life, and having served his town in countless capacities, he finally decided to run to office in 1962. In his first campaign, this political tyro emerged as third man in a 17-way ejects. Says our laconic legislator, "I really feel I have the pulse of the town".

We are glad he has.

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