Source:  The Teaneck News, Wednesday, May 5, 1982 - page 35

B. Judith Glassman

B. Judith Glassman1681 Hanover Street, Age 45.  Occupation: Urban Planner;  Education: Ba Phi Beta Kappa, Northwestern University in 1958; Master in Urban Planning, Hunter College, 1978.  Married, 2 children.  Civic activities: Member, Teaneck Planning Board; Former President League of Women Voters of Teaneck; volunteer Operation Community Talent; member National Council of Jewish Women. Special interests -- environmental issues;  human needs; planning and zoning.

Question: What do you think are the major issues Teaneck will face during the next four years?  How would you address them? Please be specific.

Answer:  The major challenge ahead will be to develop an agenda for the '80's that will keep Teaneck in a leadership position by meeting changing trends with innovative approaches. For example, new census figures show large increases in young people moving into Bergen County and, especially, into Teaneck. These young families consist overwhelmingly of working parents with a new set of needs, chief among which is child care. Teaneck can respond to this need without additional costs by assuming an active role in encouraging non profit and private child care solutions. By addressing this major problem, we can make Teaneck the community to which young families most want to move, thereby enhancing the property values of all Teaneck residents.

A second issue on the agenda will be the revitalization of Teaneck Road. The influx of working couples also brings with it commercial opportunities. I now chair a Planning Board subcommittee looking at the concept of a positive central development theme that takes aclvantage of this potential market, among others.

Other important issues involve the necessity of continuing, in this era of economic hardship, Teaneck's vital long term commitments: solving the problem of housing for senior citizens; maintaining our tradition of well-kept parks, well-run services, well-monitored zoning; resolving the garbage collection problem with an environmentally sound solution. These goals must be accomplished through fiscal austerity, so that, with our increased Glenpointe revenues stabilizing our taxes, Teaneck's attractiveness can be even further strengthened.

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