300 Congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Demarest
At Reception Marking Golden Wedding

(From:  The Sunday Sun, September 28, 1952)

Mr. & Mrs. DemarestMr. and Mrs. George V. Demarest celebrated their golden wedding anniversary yesterday with a reception for more than 300 guest at their home, 12 DeGraw Avenue, Teaneck.  

Mr. Demarest and the former Rachel DeGraw Moore were married on September 10 1902 in Brooklyn Hills, New York.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Demarest are connected with Teaneck's old families. - Mr. Demarest's grandfather and father owned the Brinkerhoff-Demarest homestead at 493 Teaneck Road, the oldest house in Teaneck, which was built in about 1735. Mrs. Demarest's aunt, Mrs. William DeGraw, was the wife of one of Teaneck's most progressive men in the early days of the township. Mr. DeGraw who gave land in his meadows for the building of a tro1ley line through Teaneck in 1898. His widow gave the lots on DeGraw Avenue on which the present Teaneck Methodist Church stands.

They Were Ring Bearers

Two of those assisting in the hospitality at the DeGraw home yesterday were members of the wedding party. fifty years ago. Mrs. Bessie McPherson of Brooklyn and Mrs. Lou Ketchum of Phillips, Maine, served as ringbearers at the wedding. Mrs. Edna DeGraw Schuh, a niece, was the little flower girl.  Others who assisted in yesterdays entertainment were Mrs. Max Dasch, Anna Lamb of Maywood, Mrs. Grace, Lord of Bogota, Mrs. Lawrence Landrine of Maywood and Mrs. Daniel Demarest of Ridgewood, and Mrs. Lee Landrine Engel of Frederick, Md.

The couple have two children, Mrs. Landrine of Maywood and Maj. Daniel Moore Demarest of Ridgewood, and two granddaughters, Mrs. Eugene Engel of Fredericksburg, Maryland and Miss Bunnie Joan Landrine.

He Built Home

The couple have resided for the last 50 years in the home to which Mr. Demarest brought his bride. He had engaged a carpenter to build the ample home at DeGraw Avenue and Teaneck Road on a 100 by 150-foot plot at a cost of $3,500. It was the first house that had been built in that section since Peter Westervelt built the home that is now the Bright Side Sanitarium. People came from all around to see the fine new home going up.

Mr. Demarest served on the Teaneck School Board for six year in the 1910 era when Oakdene and Washington Irving School were built. He was responsible for moving the bell from the old country, schoolhouse on Fort Lee Road to the New Oakdene School where it is still located. He was a member of the Teaneck Township Committee for three years in the 1912 period.

Among the heirlooms guests at the anniversary celebration saw was a coverlid woven for George C. Demarest, his grandfather in 1834. It was woven by I. Christie, a weaver who plied his trade in Schraalenburgh, which is now called Dumont. Another treasure on display was a 9 by 12-foot American flag made entirely by hand by Mrs. Demarest before her wedding.


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