Source: The Press Journal, December 10, 1981 

Teaneck Dedicates Library

TTeaneck dedicates libraryhe Township officially dedicated its redesigned, expended and modernized public library at a reception held in the library on Sunday.

The entertainers included a jazz duo, concert pianist Kathleen Ashley, operatic singer Joan Grande, and members of Teaneck High School's Madgiral Choir.

The festivities also included dedication of a studio grand piano, which was donated by Dr. Ralph U. Whipple, a physician who was born and raised in town and now lived in Long Island.  Dr. Whipple donated the piano in memory of his mother, the late Edythe P. Whipple, who was a community leader during her years of residence here.

The piano has been restored at a cost of $2,400, which was met by substantial contributions by Dr. Whipple and Mr. and Mrs. William Thurnauer, plus contributions by about 120 individuals.

Teaneck friends of the Library organized the campaign to acquire and restore the piano, and conducted the fund-raising drive.

Miss Ashley, a concert pianist who performs frequently in the area, played the restored piano for the first time.  Miss Grade, the operatic singer, was accompanied by the Rev. James Boyce.  She and her husband were among the founders of Mostly Opera, a group which has given concerts in Teaneck and the northern New Jersey area.

The public library has undergone several expansions since it was constructed in the 1920's.  The latest reconstruction had its genesis in the 1970's when Township residents organized a campaign to raise private funds to construct a new building on the site.

The drive fall far short of its goal, buy did attract a Federal grant of $837,000.  The Township will acknowledge the contributions to the private campaign with a plaque in the library.

Township funds were used to pay for the balance of the cost of the reconstruction, which is expected to exceed $1.1 million.

Mayor Frank Hall acted as master of ceremonies and Marvin Heller, chairman of the Library Board, conducted the official dedication.

Members of the Board of Education and the Township Council were introduced and plaques were presented to Mrs. Hilda Lipkin, director of the library.

The plaques list those citizens and organizations which contributed privately to the library construction, and those who contributed to the reconstructiton of the piano.  A plate on the piano honors Mrs. Edythe Whipple.

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