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Published for The Teaneck Housing Center by The Teaneck News
May 18, 1983

Mission of Service: Holy Name Hospital

By Mary Lou Bale

"When I first learned that I was to undergo surgery I decided I was either going to Houston, New York, Massachusetts or any of the large prestigious hospitals, I certainly wasn't going to have it done in Teaneck, New Jersey. Due to circumstances and a desire not to postpone matters, I was operated on at Holy Name Hospital and spent five days in the Intensive Care Unit. The care was outstanding. My family feels that there could not have been a better ICU anywhere. When I was back in my room on the fourth floor, I found the nurses to be considerate, caring and concerned about their patients..." Mrs. Anna Daub, HNH patient.

Complimentary letters such as this are a common occurrence in the office of the administrator at Holy Name Hospital.  An extraordinary group of employees and an excellent medical staff makes Holy Name what it is. a place where people care, and a place where the injured or ill feel the warmth and gentleness from a staff whose strength and knowledge aide in the recovery process.

Hospitals are not thought of often. Indeed it seems to come to mind only in a time of crisis; when a child has fallen down the stairs or dad looks pale and complains of severe chest pains. It is then the questions arise -- What should I do? Where should I go? and at these times it should be remembered that you do have a community hospital right down the street. Teaneck's Holy Name Hospital is a completely modern facility always able to care for any emergency.

From its inception in 1925 by founders Drs. McCormack, Pitkin and Mother Agatha. Holy Name has made a commitment to serve the surrounding community with the best medical care possible. In fact, the growth of Bergen County in the 20's is what led the doctors to Mother Agatha in hopes that together they could provide the desperately needed medical facility to serve the growing number of residents.

And now, 58 years later, the original mission of service to the community has not been misplaced. Indeed, you might not be aware of the many accomplishments made by Holy Name in the last decade alone. The entire building has been modernized, replaced or renovated, and new state of the art equipment has been added, including a CAT scanner, digital imaging and much more.

To match the new equipment and as a demonstration of Holy Name's commitment to improve the health and fitness of the people they serve, many new programs have been developed and services added.

The most recent program at Holy Name is the Cardiac-Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center. This unique, comprehensive program concentrates on the emotional, philosophical and physical well being of the patients. This one of a kind hospital-based program features an exercise gymnasium, conference room and both cardiac and pulmonary function tests. Patients, once referred by a physician and accepted into the three month program, are given a physical exam and a complete agendum is established for physical activity, counseling and educational guidance.

The newest service provided by Holy Name for the community is in the form of Mobile Intensive Care Units. Not long ago, Holy Name joined with eight other hospitals in Bergen and Passaic counties to supply a life-saving service. The vehicles, manned 24 hours a day, carry life support systems and are staffed by paramedics and a registered nurse. These specially trained emergency care professionals respond to severe illness or injury, including heart attack and accident victims or any other problem that requires advanced life support systems. The paramedics are in constant contact with the emergency room physician and follow his instructions.

Holy Name was founded because of a need and it continues to grow and prosper, only because it continues to answer the needs of those it serves. Physicians and staff provide the excellent care. the administration projects' what services will be required, and the pastoral care department and the ecumenical Interfaith Chapel provide the spiritual request of everyone people caring for people providing a means to better health.

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