Source: First Baptist Church, 1592 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, N. J., 37th Anniversary 1936 to 1973(pamphlet).   May 13 1973. 

History of First Baptist Church

The first body of the First Baptist Church of Teaneck N.J. was formed in the year 1935. Rev. Lester VanSaun a former bank organized the church while attending Bible School. Meeting were held at that time in a rented hall. It was during the month of December in 1935 the name "First Baptist Church of Teaneck N.J." was adopted by the membership, it was then the Rev. Lest Van Saun was nominated to serve as paster, various church offices were established along with the adoption of the articles of the faith and covenant.

The church building came to fruition with a donation of the church property and money for its building. In 1936 the church had been established and dedicated on the present location at 1592 Teaneck Road. Rev Van Saun worked during the following years for the upbuilding of the church body, in the latter part of the fortys' with the gradual change of blacks moving into the North East community area and looking for a church nearest their residence, the church family began its course of integration to which the paster willingly and gladly accepted. With the steady growth of attendance it became necessary to add to the old structure, early in 1960 preliminary plans were made with fund raising programs and in the year 1963 the addition of the church which now compreses the main sanctuary for worship was completed.

Rev. Van Saun continued to serve the church and the community until his retirement in Marcdh 1972 at which time he had completed thirty six years of continual faithful ministry. The practice of an anniversary has never been observed through the years but with a new era of the church the past should never be forgotten. The First Baptist Church is considered the ninth oldest church in Teaneck N. J. and has been maintained for years as the only Baptist Church of this town.

May 30, 1973

OFFICIAL STAFF: Rev. M. C. Langston Pastor
  Deacon James Rice Chairman
  Deacon Early Wilkens  
  Deacon I. T. Wints  
  Deacon J. Wynn  
  Bro. J. Lurry Treasurer
  Bro. Smith Financial Secretary
  Bro. Mel Goode  
  Mrs. V. Martin Church Clerk
  Mrs. Powell Supt. Sunday School
  Miss Thompson Asst. Supt.