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Borough of Bergen, Township of Teaneck, Enumeration made by Daniel G. Bogert, assessor

* Native Born:  A=White Males; B=White Females; C=Colored Males; D=Colored Females
Foreign Born: A=Males, Irish; B=Females, Irish; C=Males, German; D=Females, German; E=Males, all other nationalities; F=Females, all other nationalities.
Age of Male by Classes: A=5 Years of age and under; B=5 to 20; C=20 to 60; D=Over 60.
Age of Female by Classes: A=5 Years of age and under; B=5 to 20; C=20 to 60; D=Over 60.

Dwelling Houses, numbered in order of visitation Families, numbered in order of visitation No. of Name of Persons * Native Born
** Foreign Born *** Age of Male by Classes **** Age of Female by Classes Remarks
5 5 30 Maria DeRonde B     F  
    31 Martin Taylor A   C    
    32 Lydia J. Taylor B     C  
    33 Maria E. Taylor B     B  
6 6 34 Albert J. Bogert A   D    
    35 Christina Bogert B     D  
    36 Rachel Westerfield B     C  
    37 Eva  C.  Westerfield B     C  
7 7 38 Prince  W. Nickerson A   C    
    39 Alice E. Nickerson B     C  
    40 Jossie Taylor B     B  
8 8 41 Daniel G. Bogert A   D    
    42 Louisa M. Bogert B     D  
    43 James Cornelius C   C   West Indian
9 9 44 Gotlieb Brusch   C C    
    45 Louisa Brusch   D   C  
    46 May  Brusch   D   B  
    47 Louisa Brusch   D   B  
    48 Frederica Brusch   D   B  
    49 Gotlieb Brusch A   A    
    50 Amelia Brusch B     A  
10 10 51 Elizabeth Ackerman B     D  
    52 Miss Elizabeth Ackerman B     C  
    53 John H. Ackerman A   C    
    54 Mrs. Elizabeth Ackerman B     C  
    55 Richard Ackerman A   A    

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