From Teaneck Report, v.1, no. 1, September 1953

Ambulance Corps, Handles 6,155 Calls 
In Fourteen Year History of Service

Teaneck's volunteer Ambulance Corps is one of the largest and most efficient organizations of its kind in the nation.  Founded in 1939, it has grown to a complement of thirty men who own their own building and two modern Cadillac ambulances.  In its fourteen year history the Corps has handled 6,155 calls.

The Ambulance corps was organized by a group of men who made a house to house canvass  raising funds to purchase the first ambulance.  The Corps has grown through its fourteen years to the extent that it now owns its building, two Cadillac ambulances equipped with inhalators, resuscitators and doctor's bags.  The later in turn contain stethoscopes, blood pressure machines, sterile needles, gauzes and other other such paraphernalia for use in emergency situation.  Bandages, adhesive tape, splints and Thomas splints, to be used in connection with compound fractures, complete each vehicle's equipment.

The Corpsmen are on call 24 hours a day, every day, to respond in any emergency.  Since its Inception, up to and including July 31, 1953, the ambulances have responded to 6,155 calls, covering 27,179 miles.

The Teaneck Corps is a member of the Third District of the New Jersey State First Aid Council and the International Rescue and First Aid Association.

Teaneck's Corps is a part of a cover-up system whereby neighboring communities, in case of disaster or for any other reason, cover each other by pre-arrangement.  For transportation to distant points there is a relay system plan.

Each Corpsman hold a First Aid Card -- Standard Course.

Once a year the Teaneck Corps campaigns for contributions through the mail.  It is these contributions that keep the ambulances rolling.  Overhead expenses such as water, gas and electricity for the ambulance headquarters are provided by the Township Council, but the voluntary monetary support enables the Corps to improve constantly its services of mercy.

The ambulance service is available without charge to all Teaneck residents and is procured through the family physician or by calling Teaneck Police headquarters at Teaneck.


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