Arthur Weber

Arthur Weber was born in Ohio in 1918 to his parents, Dolores and Arthur Weber Sr.  His family eventually moved to Teaneck, NJ.

Arthur attended Teaneck High School and graduated in 1936. He served on the Senior Student Council and on the staff of the Yearbook. He was also a member of the choir.

“Art”, as he was called, was described in his High School Yearbook as being dependable, courteous and as a nice fellow to know. His most outstanding attribute was that he was studious. It was also noted that Art aspired to own a ranch and feared roller coasters. Art also was active in taking classes in the Aviation Department and, in fact, received a student pilot permit.

After high school Arthur attended New York University. Prior to entering the Army he managed a store and worked as a mail carrier. While working in the store he met and married Oliver Getling in 1940.

Arthur Weber entered the United States Army in March of 1943 and went oversees in September of 1944. Staff Sergeant Weber served in the 9th Infantry Division, 39th Regiment. This brave soldier was killed in action on 3/15/45 in Kalenborn, Germany. He was buried in Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery in Liege, Belgium and was awarded the Purple Heart.

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