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WWII Scrapbook

  1. July 2, 1942
  2. August 8, 1942
  3. March 2, 1943

High School Yearbook

  1. 1940 Yearbook, Page 81
  2. 1940 Yearbook, Page 120

Te-Hi News (Teaneck High School Newspaper)

  1. June 1, 1944

  1. 1940 United States Federal Census
  2. U. S. WWII Military Personnel Missing In Action or Lost At Sea, 1941-1946
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American Battle Monuments Commission

  1. Robert A. Rockefeller (Historical Military Records)

  1. Missing Air Crew Report

National World War II Memorial, Wash., D.C. Website

  1. Robert A. Rockefeller - Enlisted in the Army Air Corps and was assigned to the Southwest Pacific Theatres of Operation. Fifth Air Force, 22nd Bomb Group (Medium), Headquarters Squadron, Stationed at Garbutt Aerodrome near Townsville in Queensland, Australia. After a refueling stop at "7-mile strip" north of Port Moresby on June 9, 1942, he flew in the aerial gunner position abroad a Martin B-26 Marauder nicknames "The Virginian" (Tail #40-1508). His aircraft was one of eleven B-26 bombers joining a bomb group formation of B-25 and B-17 aircraft on a mission to bombard Japanese forces occupying the airfields at Lae and Salamaua, New Guinea. They were attacked by a band of 20 Japanese "Zero" finghter planes, with "The Virginian" being shot down over Nassau Bay approximately 30 miles south of Salamaua, resulting the loss of all onboard. - Sam E. Pennartz

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