Francis G. Gill

Francis G Gill was born on January 25th, 1917 to Fredrick and Helena Gill in Brooklyn, NY. He grew up all over in Brooklyn, moving within the borough every few years with his parents and three older siblings. Frank was the youngest of four children: his older siblings were Caroline, Arthur, and Fred.

He loved to swim, so much so that he was on his school’s swimming team for 3 years. Frank attended Erasmus Hall High School and later graduated Long Beach High. After graduation Frank became a clerk for a counsel for the Board of Statutory Consolidation.

After enlistment and training Francis became a member of the 69th Regiment. While the Regiment was stationed in Hawaii, Frank became a Sergeant. However, in March of 1943 at Fort Benning, Ga. Frank was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant after completing officer school.

Frank joined the 20th infantry, 6th Army, with whom he participated in both the New Guinea and Luzon Campaigns. He saw action throughout the campaigns of New Guinea and the Philippines. In the Philippines around March of 1945, Frank was made a 1st Lieutenant.   He fought to take and hold Lone Tree Hill, Maffin Bay as well as what would come to be the 219 day of continuous combat on the Island of Munoz. 

It was on April 2nd, 1945 that Francis died at the base of Mt. Mataba in Luzon when the 20th Infantry moved out of the hills during the final attack on the mountain. His remains were initially buried in Manila before being later interred at Long Island National Cemetery in Farmingdale, NY on February 24th, 1949. He was survived by his wife Marie Nee’ Bosselman of Teaneck.

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