Although it is obvious that most of the plan, particularly those parts requiring the expenditure of large sums of money, cannot be accomplished at once, there are several steps which the municipal government can take with little or no expense to the taxpayers. It is the belief of the Board that the adoption of and adherence to the Official Map and the foregoing Master Plan will contribute largely towards the attainment of the desired results in the improvement and up-building of the Township, but there are certain additional steps which will safeguard the future development of the Plan in general.

The Board therefore recommends that the municipal government proceed at once with the following matters:

1. The zoning ordinance as existing or amended should be strictly adhered to.

2. The zoning ordinance should be amended to change from Industrial classification to Residence B classification those areas lying south of Fort Lee Road and those east of the proposed Lafayette Avenue extension, which areas are mostly unsuitable for business and industrial use and should be preserved for future development as part of a regional park system.

3. The Township Council should, as soon as practicable, avail itself of the provisions of the most recent laws and follow the most modern practices by adopting carefully prepared ordinances regulating the following:

(a) The construction and equipment of buildings, including plumbing, heating, lighting, and ventilating equipment and installation.

(b) The erection and licensing of billboards.

(c) The renaming of the several different streets which now bear the same names, and the construction and location of proper signs for all streets in the Township.

(d) The storage of explosives and inflammables.

(e) The establishment of all street lines shown on the Official Map as building lines beyond which no part of any building shall project except as may be permitted in the building code.

Care should be exercised to see that any existing conflicting ordinances are repealed at the time that the new ones are adopted.

4. The Township Council should establish a park board or a corresponding body authorized to assume control over the development and maintenance of the Township parks, playgrounds, and other open spaces, and the planting and care of street trees; and provide funds annually for the purposes of such board, including the employment of supervisors to direct the athletic and playground activities.

5. The Township government should, as soon as conditions are appropriate, initiate active steps for prevailing upon the Federal Post Office Department and Congress to erect two fitting post office buildings within the Township. (It is understood that steps have already been taken to procure a federal building in place of the present Teaneck sub-station.)

6. The Township authorities should establish that block of West Englewood Avenue between Queen Anne Road and Palisade Avenue as a one-way street for east bound traffic, and permit forty-five degree, half-hour parking on the south side of the street only between the hours of 8 a.m. and 7 p.m.

7. The Council should urge upon the Board of Education a careful study of the Teaneck Plan and the records of the Planning Board and the formulation of a harmonized and supplementary twenty-year plan for supplying new school buildings and sites for same.

8. Consideration should be given to the storage of the Township's trucks and street equipment in a more convenient and central location than that now used.

9. The Council and the Planning Board should collaborate in an endeavor to discourage land subdivision having as its main purpose the mere sale of lots without improvements, while encouraging subdivision by responsible developers who undertake to construct attractive buildings, build streets, and make other improvements.

10. The municipal government should urge upon the West Shore Railroad Company, when times are more propitious, the replacement of the West Englewood railroad station with a more modern and attractive building; the ultimate extension and improvement of parking facilities around the stations; and the southerly extension of the platform on the east side of the Teaneck station to provide direct pedestrian connection with Manor Court.

11. The authorities should do their utmost to minimize the number of poles which shall be erected hereafter in the public streets, as well as to procure a substantial reduction in the number of such poles now existing, by endeavoring to get the several utility companies to combine in the use of common pole lines. The Township should require that no more wooden poles shall be erected in the future; and also endeavor to procure the collaboration of the several utility companies in beginning the construction of a system of underground conduits which will eventually result in the removal of poles and wires at least from the main business districts.

12. Each year the municipal government should adopt a program of street paving and improvement, including sidewalk improvement, which shall give preference to the major thoroughfares as shown on the Master Plan; and each year the bus routes should be revised and re-allotted in harmony with the completion of thoroughfares and their improvement. No permanent street paving should be done until sewer, gas, and water mains have been placed.

13. The municipal government should also actively support the federal, State, and County governments, and any organized regional group, in such actions as may be taken for the improvement of the Hackensack River and Overpeck Creek and the creation of parks, parkways, major highways, regional or community sewer systems, and other improvements which will affect Teaneck.

14. The municipal authorities should strictly enforce all laws and ordinances respecting street and sidewalk encroachments and obstructions, the littering of streets and sidewalks, the laying and maintenance of sidewalks, and the planting of street trees.

15. When the bridges shown on the Master Plan are constructed all should have roadways not less than 36 feet wide and one sidewalk not less than six feet wide.

16. Traffic guide signs, readily visible at night, for the guidance of visiting motorists should be placed at all important thoroughfare intersections and at other points where confusion is likely to occur.

17. The Planning Board, in passing on and approving future subdivision plats, wherever it may be deemed necessary should require as a condition of approval that where the larger tracts are subdivided appropriate provision shall be made therein for reasonable areas to be set aside for local park and recreational purposes.

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