The Existing Conditions Map shows as many of the conditions existing in the Township as can thus be recorded. Not only does it show the natural physical conditions, including the topography, but also street conditions, lot lines, private and public properties, and all buildings and the purpose for which they are used.This map strikingly shows a great disparity between the extent of land subdivision and the construction and improvement of public streets, as well as a deficiency in recreational areas. A study of the map also discloses the fact that Teaneck has not a clearly defined general business district -- no "Main Street" -- as is the case in most comparable communities. On the other hand, it has five distinct business districts, each more or less local in character, that on Cedar Lane being the most recently developed. This distribution of business establishments, rather than a central concentration, is a convenient one to the neighborhoods they serve, but there is reason to believe that a "Main Street" is developing along Cedar Lane.

It is expected that this Existing Conditions Map shall be retained in the Township Engineer's office and a copy revised each year to show what changes have been made in the physical conditions of the township as a result of carrying out the Plan or otherwise. By following this procedure an up-to-date map of this kind can be made helpful to various of the Township's governmental departments.

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