Safety education is the training of children to avoid accidents to themselves and to prevent accidents to others.  It involves the acquisition of a certain fund of information, the ability to apply this information to concrete situations, and  the building up of habits which will make the application of knowledge to situations automatic.

The safety program of the Teaneck schools is so arranged that the work coincides with seasonal activities.  For instance, during the month of September street safety is stressed because at this time children have returned from summer vacations, and it is necessary to remind them where to walk and play safely.  In October, fire prevention is emphasized, etc.

Three approaches are made in teaching safety:

  1.  Providing actual situations where the need for it is apparent.

  2. Relating subject mater of safety to the regular subjects of the curriculum.

  3. Organizing and operating school safety patrols.

Safety instruction is continued in the junior and senior high schools largely through the functioning of service leagues that regulate traffic in the building.

In the Senior High School, a "Skills of the Road" course is provided, wherein safe driving is stressed and instruction given in preparing students to pass automobile license tests.


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