What is the physical education program?

This deals with carefully selected experiences and relationships of young people, which are coordinated for the effective guidance and promotion of child growth.

What does this program offer my child?

In the elementary schools stress is placed upon rhythms, song plays, games, stunts, gymnastic stories, athletics, sports and dances. Hygienic measures are observed to protect boys and girls against undue strain and fatigue. Adequate physical examinations enable normal children to participate in all activities, and special children in a restricted program. Some children, by virtue of their physical examination, are excused from all participation, and others are temporarily excused by the teacher in charge of the class.

In the high school the boys' athletic activity is made up of football, basketball, track, wrestling, baseball and tennis. Tournaments in ping-pong, handball, quoits, punchball and volleyball are provided for boys not suited physically to the demands of the major sports. An intramural program introduces sports of a varsity nature without the limited opportunity, and with all of the educational values. The girls' athletic activity is made up of seasonal sports, and is augmented with such extra-curricular activities as horseback riding, archery, swimming, dancing and tennis. The physical education program is a State requirement for every boy and girl in the public school system. The only exceptions to this rule are those, who by physical examination, are found to be unable to participate in the activities.

What medical service is provided?

The medical staff consists of a chief medical inspector, three school physicians, and three school nurses. All children are given a physical examination yearly, and a corrective program helps in correcting the defects. Proper medical records are kept and children are urged to go to their own physician for correction. Nurses follow up all cases and those not able to afford their own physician are referred to local clinics. Thorough examinations are made of all students playing on athletic teams. The nurses aid in the health program as advisers and inspectors of personal cleanliness, of contagious diseases and in follow up work at home.


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