What provision is made for music?

From the kindergarten through the High School, a course of study has been developed which stresses music appreciation for the purpose of equipping every child to become fundamentally a good consumer as well as a producer of music.

Throughout the elementary grades, special attention is given to the development of creative imagination, recognition of instrumental tone, rhythmic and emotional response, recognition and enjoyment of melody, improvement in tone quality, a mastery of the mechanics of music.

In the High School a special provision is made for a continuance of expression and enjoyment in music by means of vocal, instrumental, and theoretical training.  The vocal groups and a cappella choir rank among the best in New Jersey.  The instrumental groups have excelled the largest schools of the State, and have received the highest rating in the State contests.  It is noteworthy that from the major stress which is placed on real appreciation of music for leisure enjoyment, our graduates are distinguishing themselves as producers as well.  Two of our graduates have developed one of the most popular orchestras in this section of the State; another is earning his way through college by playing in orchestras and bands; and still another has secured a Juilliard Foundation Scholarship, and is sole clarinetist with the New York Women's Symphony Orchestra.



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