Milton Votee Park

40.51 acres

Votee Park
Votee Park (formerly Central Park)--Historic photo
Central Park became Votee Park in 1958.

Votee Park, the largest completely developed park in Teaneck Township, is located in the north central portion of the municipality. The park covers the entire area between Queen Anne Road and Palisade Avenue from Colonial Court to Court Street. As the most extensively developed and heavily used recreation site in Teaneck, facilities include an in-ground swimming pool, a children's wading pool, rest rooms, an amphitheater, three soccer fields (two lighted), five baseball fields (two lighted with field houses and refreshment stands), a double handball court, four tennis courts (lighted), and a lighted, enclosed, two court basketball facility. Playground equipment consists of a merry-go-round, tot swings, horse swings, sandbox, two see-saws, a mini-gym climbing structure and spring toys. Two paved walking paths are in the park. The largest, measures 1.16 miles and surrounds the entire park. The smaller, measuring 1/3 mile surrounds the two lighted soccer fields. Two designated picnic areas are located in the park equipped with burners and permanent picnic tables.

Milton Votee

Votee Park was originally named Central Park. It was renamed Votee Park in honor of Milton Votee in 1958, shortly before his death in 1961.


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