The Teaneck Oral History Project in 1980s was funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.  The goal is to develop an oral history archive.  The interviews tried to reflect the following areas: 

  1. Teaneck is a community that had a transition from farm to suburban community; 
  2. Compare public policy and its intention with the perceptions of impact on its citizenry; 
  3. Trace the settlement and adjustment of diverse racial and ethnic groups into suburban America;
  4. What public policies and personal attitudes created a conducive atmosphere for integration.

More Information About the Oral History Project

Click on the Names to read these interviews: (total 106 interviews)

John Anderson Joy Zacharia Appelbaum Marilyn Arons Milton Bell
Cleo Bonnemere Thomas Boyd Bruce R. Bramlett Robin & John Brancato
Bernard Brooks Wendell Browne Frank Burr Angelo Cafarelli
Edward F. Carpenter Bernard R. Cheo Bernard Confer Charles Cox
Clarice R. Custer Orra Davage Ethel Brown Davis James Delaney
A. Spencer Denham Marie De Yampert Julia Downs Oscar Epstein
Winifred Farrar Louis N. Feibel Fay & Martin Geier Ruth & Harold Glick
Mal Goode Charles S. Grady Elizabeth O. Greene Jacqueline Guttman
Frank Hall Morton & June Handler Olive Hazel Alice Offord Hecht
Saymour Herr Milt Jackson Janet Johnston Lamar Jones
Rori Kanter David S. Kapell Mohammed B. Khan Eleanor Kieliszek
Archie & Theodora Lacey Ruth Landrine George Larson Mildred Larson
Carla Lerman Paul Lerman Rose Levitt  Marjorie Lightman
William Lindsay Pamela Fitzpatrick Lorelli Richard M. Machol June Mendelkern
Frank McGlynn Bob McGrath Isaac G. McNatt Brad Menkes
Dr. O. J. Miller James D. Moore William (Bill) Moore Josephine Morten
Ida Mortenson Judy Murphy Alfred F. Muscari Blanche Neal
Jo Paquin Evelyn Parker Edward L. Pearson, Jr. Barbara Cady Peckham
Henry Penney Lula & Melvin Powell Rabbi Deborah Prinz Edwin Reynolds
Wally Richardson Richard Rodda Fred Rola Esther & Myor Rosen
Ruth & Sam Rosenblum Dick & Viola Sadlier Peter Sammartino Isaura Santiago
Charlotte Scarbrough Allan Schiller Jacob Schneider Lou Schwartz
Gertrude Schwimmer Harvey Scribner Phoebe Slade Anita Smith
Phoebe Snow (Laub) George Spath Lucy Stamilla Marcia Strean
Florence & Moses Sultzer William & Maria Thurnauer Joan Waite Imogene Smith Washington
Robbie Wedeen John H. White, Jr. Mrs. Betty Wiker John A. Williams
R. Carolyn Witherspoon Sylvia Woods    


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