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Audio recording of the interview with Mrs. Zeliff

Mrs. Marjorie Polifene Zeliff

(Interview taped 10/15/1970)

I came to Teaneck in 1927 and has always lived in the same house at Garrison Ave. and Wyndham Rd. Garrison was a dirt road. My father used to park his car at Sagamore and walk the rest of the way home.

Very few stores on Cedar Lane. I went to Emerson School and came home for lunch, walking through lots where Cowen's, Gratzel's and apartments are now. Used to play ball there.

Remembered the carnivals that used to be held at Garrison and Cedar Lane, a high spot in those days. Went to Teaneck High, graduated the first year they had a junior high--1937. I married a Hackensack man, member of an old Dutch family, has three daughters, 2 married, one in Albright College, 4 grandchildren. Walked to high school and came home for lunch.

I remembered when Route 4 was being built. A great place to learn to ride a 2-wheel bike. Good pavement, no traffic. Used to go sleigh riding on Martense and Tilden. My father commuted on the West Shore, service was fantastic. I lived across street from Duncan Hill who wanted to keep the railroad. When I went to work in N.Y., I used the Courtlandt St. ferry, a pleasant trip.

I remembered the miniature golf course where Volks is now--after they tore down Blue Bird Inn. Golf course was beautiful.

I think Teaneck is marvelous. I like the flower plantings around town. The Garden Club grows the plants for the town. Mr. and Mrs. Ackerman, my neighbors, were so active in the Garden Club. I have enjoyed living in Teaneck. My parents died when I was young and I was left the house. It used to be a quieter street. I remember when George Washington bridge was opened.  My father drove me across it. It is still impressive. It used to cost a nickel to go to Hackensack on the bus. Monthly ticket to N.Y. was $13 but you could use it on Saturdays to go to places like Ridgefield Park.

My husband is with Teaneck Post Office and we like it here. My daughter has bought a house in West Englewood.


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