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Mrs. Sadie Laight

(Interview taped 2/17/1973)

Recalls first services for Jews in Teaneck held in Israel Doskow's studio.  Later started Sunday School on Palisade Avenue.  She became active in the Sunday school in the late thirties and served as a volunteer for 12 years.

Dr. Harry Rosen was the first Bar Mitzvah in Teaneck. Ben Rosen had the first delicatessen  in Teaneck.

In 1941, there were 6,000 Jews in Bergen County. First synagogue was established in Englewood in 1901.

There was talk of a bridge across the Hudson in 1910, many thought Fort Lee Road would the main access and acquired property there.  Diamond's tailor shop was where people gathered to talk things over.

When George Washington Bridge was opened in 1931, many jews came from Jersey City, Bayonne, Hoboken and Union City.  On holidays people were lined up on Fort Lee road from the Ferry to Teaneck Road.  People from New York and Brooklyn came later, they were regarded as pushy at first, buy many later proved to be wonderful workers.

Asked if she was aware of restrictions, she said she was somewhat aware, but was too busy to bother -- some signs were up in Ridgewood.  She could not recall a sign on the site of the present Carriage Club.

Mrs. Laight was a charter member of the Woman's Club but resigned when a prospective Jewish member was turned down.  She was a member of the Auxiliary to Holy Name Hospital and secretary at the Teaneck Jewish Community Center until just before her death in 1973.

Jewish families in Teaneck in order of arrival:

1910 -- Bernard and Minna Lippman

1916 -- The Ettens

1917 -- The Felvins

1920 -- Sadie and Gustav Laight

1923 -- Dr. Leo Treinis

1925 -- Minna Schoenberg

1926 -- Israel Doskow, served on Board of Education

1927 -- Mike Stolzer and Henry Eysman

1928 -- Ackermans, Hellers, Benheims, Diamonds

1929 -- Ben and Regina Gordon

Cornerstone of  Teaneck Jewish Community Center was laid in 1948 -- there was no problem in acquiring land.


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