To Show Vandelinda Home
On Club's Historic Tour April 19

By Mildred Taylor

From:  The Sunday Sun, April 3, 1960

Vandelinda HousePeople who love old houses nearly always take a second look when driving by the point where Van Buren Avenue meets Teaneck Road in Teaneck.  They are fascinated by the two Dutch colonial homes on the north and south sides of Van Buren Avenue.

Both homes will be included in the Historic Tour of the Woman's Club of Teaneck April 19.  The home to the north is that of Dr. and Mrs. Peter Beaugard and has been described in a previous article.  The residence to the south is that of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Anderson, 566 Teaneck Road.

Both houses were built by members of the Vandelinda family.  That occupied today by Mr. and Mrs. Anderson was for many years the home of James Vandelinda.  His brother John lived in the house across the street, although there was no street there at time.  Both houses stood on the extensive Vandelinda farm when they were built in about 1830.

Admirably Modernized

Today there are eight rooms in the James Vandelinda house which has bee admirably adapted to modern living. The house was probably quite small when it was built, says Mrs. Anderson who have lived there for 11 years.

The foundation of the structure of red sandstone, clapboard and brick was laid without mortar.  The house, which today stands on about a half acre of land, faces south as did most Dutch colonial homes.  Also in Dutch tradition is the floor plan.

The pleasing entrance hall separates the living and dining rooms.  The visitor is delighted with a circular staircase in the hall.  This is not in early Dutch tradition, but was added by Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Hunt, previous owners who built most of the houses which today line both sides of that section of Van Buren Avenue.  Mrs. Anderson fell in love with the staircase and decided on the spot that the house was for her.

The old house are today concealed with plaster and the original floors are covered with polished hard wood.  The living and dining rooms are pleasant and decorated with taste -- and without antiques.  The old fireplace in the living room is wide and deep.  

The fireplace in the dining room has been closed.  In front of it stands an old firebox that has been painted white and is effectively used as a planter.  On one wall is a painting of a colonial church of Vermont painted by Mr. Anderson whose artistic talent is apparent throughout the house.

Stenciled Walls

The walls of the kitchen have been entirely stenciled by Mr. Anderson who is with the Alco Gravure Co.  Gleaming copper molds on the walls are reminiscent of home makers of the time the house was built.  Off the kitchen is a screened porch which the family enjoys.

The Andersons have added to the old home a spacious room paneled in knotty pine.  In this is an old player piano which Mr. Anderson has also stenciled.  Also in the cheerful and comfortably furnished room is a modern organ and, of course a television set.

Mr. and Mrs. Anderson purchased the home form Mrs. Ralph Scaffidi shortly after Mr. Scaffidi's death.  The Scaffidi family now lives in Florida.

All Day Tour

Mrs. Charles R. Kahn Jr. is chairman of the Woman's Club Historic Tour which will begin the morning of April 19.  Reservations may be made with Mr. Richard Mascolo of 533 Ogden Ave., co-chairman.

Tour members will gather at 10 a.m. in Tappan where Mr. William E. Jackson will discuss the historic significance of the places to be visited there -- The Tappan Reformed Church, Andre Hill, the DeWindt House and the "76 House.  Six historic homes in Teaneck will be visited after the luncheon break.  Those taking the tour may lunch at the New Bridge Inn or the '76 House, making their own arrangements.

After a briefing session by Mrs. Mildred Taylor of The Sunday Sun at 1:30 p.m. in the Woman's Club house, the women will visit the two Vandelinda homes, the Brinkerhoff-Demarest, Westervelt, Weart Banta and the Ackerman houses in Teaneck and the David Demarest House, oldest in the county, near the headquarters of the Bergen County Historical Society in North Hackensack.

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