Fire Department Personnel

October 4, 1936

1 Deputy Dire Commissioner $3,610
1 Assistant Fire Chief 2,850
1 Captain 2,660
2 Lieutenants 2,565
3 First Grade Firemen 2,375
1 Department Mechanic 1,710
*21 Temporary Fireman 1,425
30 Total Paid Force, under Two Platoon System  
*  Temporary Firemen are employed from the Volunteer ranks.  There is total of 41 on the active Volunteer list.
Of the 21 Temporary Fireman, 3 are regularly assigned as Fire Alarm Operators, and 18 to fire duty.  The Department Mechanic responds to all alarms; he is also on the list of active Volunteers.

Responses To Alarms

The increased personnel of the Department now permits a day time response of nine men on first call to alarms, with a reserve of four men at quarters, available for second alarm or simultaneous fires; the night response will average then men on first call, with four in reserve; in addition, all firemen of the paid force, when off duty, are subject to call in emergency.  Contrast this with the response of several years ago, when there were four paid men on duty, either day or night.

With the induction of Volunteer Firemen into the pain force as Temporary Firemen, the Volunteer response has, as a matter of course, fallen off.  The average response of Volunteers is now approximately three per fire.

Reading left to right:
Top Row:  mechanic Turnbull, Gogolen, Skrable*, R. Hans*, Collins*, Leighton*, Lamme*, Davis.
2nd Row: Reer*, Johnson, Reilly*, J. Murray*, Moore*, Madden*, Smith*, Norton*.
Lower Row: Ridley* Backer*, Lieut. Jahnes, Capt. Lindsay, Deputy Fire Commission Murray, Asst. Chief Crane, Lieut. White, Buehler*, Muir*, Mayer*.
Absent: Carr*, Fortune*, Mechel*, McLaughlin*.
Men so marked are temporary men.


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