SOURCE: Yearbook commemorating the 25th anniversary of the New Jersey and New York Volunteer Firemen's Association (1913-1938) held on June 23rd, 24th, & 25th, 1938.

Officers and Past Officers of Teaneck Fire Department

Teaneck Fire Department

Back Row, left to right: Captain William Lindsay, Jr., Lieut. Frank Wacha, Captain C. Van Dyke, Captain August Mergl, Lieutenant Harry Davis.

Front Row, left to right: Ex-Ass't Chief Charles Kinsey, Ass’t Chief John W. Crane, Ex-Chief Charles Larsen, Ex-Chief George Tetz.


Peter Swan

Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Cadmus

0. Saiminen

Arthur R. Poleski

Mark Turpan

0. G. Pratt

Harold Merber

P. A. Egan

L.E. Ericson

Mrs. G. Theurer

L.F. Tankard

H. Zatulove

W. H. Palmer

L. W. Cox

Rodger Nutt

Mrs. C. B. Zeigler

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin T. Muzzy

Fred J. Marx, M.D.

E. J. Boehm

West Shore Fuel Co.

Mrs. Walter Bound

Al Summers

Charles G. Senger

Mrs. R, L. Hayward


Roy White

John A. Madden

John W. Crone

Captain Wm. Lindsay, Jr.

W, A. Johnson

Francis A. Skrable

Lieut. W. G. Johnes

George A. Beaumont

John Collins


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