Dr. Sammartino

Dr. Sammartino, among other preferences, liked to have sculptures placed on the campuses. The one, the Screen of Peace, was created by one of the alumni, Paul von Ringelheim. It had been shown at the World's Fair in the United States pavilion. Shown with Dr. and Mrs. Sammartino are Dr. Young Seek Choue, Chancellor of Hyung Hee University of Seoul, Korea and his wife, Chung Myung.

Sculptural mural

This sculptural mural at the Weiner Teaneck Library was bought for the mere cost of the aluminum casting, $15,000 from the great American artist William Zorach who had already been paid $150,000 by a Texas bank. While the original symbolism was inspired by Texan history, it was equally applicable to Bergen County. The architect Roland Wank, designed the library around the mural.

college to university

In 1956, Fairleigh Dickinson College became Fairleigh Dickinson University. Two of the co-eds changing the name at the Rutherford campus.

Robison Hall

Robison Hall was built in Teaneck in 1964. Dr. and Mrs. Adolph Robison donated $150,000 which was the largest gift given to the college until then. At one end, the entrance led to the school of dentistry; at the other end, the entrance led to the college of engineering.

Bancroft Hall

When the Teaneck Campus was established in 1954, Dr. Sammartino moved quickly to establish a girl's dormitory--Bancroft Hall, named in honor of the mother of Mrs. Dickinson, Sr. Later, when the new and larger dormitory was built, the building was used for the computer center and for administrative offices of the Peter Sammartino College of Education.

Student Union

The original Student Union in Teaneck. The upper deck was designed to simulate the deck of a liner. The rippling Hackensack River below gave the effect of a slow-moving boat. Deck chairs heightened the feeling of a cruise ship. At four o'clock hot chocolate and whole wheat cookies were served.

Alumni Hall

The original student union in Teaneck now known as Alumni hall.

As more dormitory space was needed in Teaneck, a group of nearby apartments at Cedar Lane was acquired.

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