With the arrival of winter, the Department prepares its defenses against the attack of snow, sleet, and ice. The Superintendent keeps posted on threatened weather conditions through the Newark Air Port Weather Bureau, which is a particularly reliable source of such information. Thus, he is forewarned of impending storms, their expected severity, and the anticipated changes in temperature. Such advance information makes it possible for the Department to organize its forces, and prepare equipment for prompt action.' Our present fleet of seven utility trucks have coupling devices to which snow plows may be speedily attached.

Of course, only those actually engaged in the labor of snow removal from the 92 miles of Township and County roads realize all that the task involves, but we know that at such times a continuous stretch of twenty-four hours work is common for all, from the Superintendent down to the shovelers. This work includes plowing to keep streets open for vehicular travel, sand spreading at intersections, dangerous hills, and in front of fire stations, also, the removal of snow at intersections, business districts, and around catch basins. The cost of clearing snow from sidewalks fronting on privately owned vacant properties is added to the property owner's tax bill.

The yearly reports of the Department show the number of "man hours" employed in snow removal. The following figures remind us that the season of 1936 was particularly severe, the "man hours" of labor having exceeded the combined total of the preceding two years:

          Year         "Man Hours" Employed
         1934                 3,210
         1935                 2,195
         1936                 5,918

Through the local Emergency Relief Office, the Department is supplied with a list of men available as an auxiliary snow shoveling force.

Department Trucks with Snow Plows Attached Ready for Action

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