In reviewing street maintenance work of the Department, we start with a survey of the streets, roads, and highways within the 'Township, as follows:

                          Type of                          Miles
                          Paving or Surface                (Approximate)
       State Highway, Route4     Concrete                   2.4

       County Roads:
                          Penetration Macadam               1.28
       Cedar Lane         Granite Block                      .15
                          Unimproved                         .87

                          Concrete                          .81
       Fort Lee Road      Penetration Macadam               .49
                          Granite Block                     .1

       Teaneck Road       Penetration Macadam               3.3
       River Road         Penetration Macadam               2.2
       New Bridge Road     Penetration Macadam               .8
       Liberty Road       Penetration Macadam                .5
       TOTAL:  Miles of State and County Thoro fares       12.9

       Township Streets:

                          Concrete                         18.8
       Improved Streets   Penetration Macadam               8.7
                          Asphalt                           7.5
       Unimproved         Unpaved                          46.6
       TOTAL:	Miles of Township Street                 81.6
       TOTAL:	Miles of all Thoro fares within the Township    94.5


Department Automotive Fleet


The Township is not responsible for the maintenance of State and County roads (except as to cleaning and sweeping) ; therefore, this review deals with the 81.6 miles of Township streets which are under surveillance of our Department of Public Works.

The foregoing tabulation shows that there are 35 miles of improved streets consisting of three types of pavement (concrete, penetration macadam, and asphalt), and that we have 46.6 miles of unimproved (unpaved) streets. It 's the object of our Road Division to maintain paved streets by caring for essential repair work. On unimproved streets, good judgment must be exercised in confining both labor and materials only to the point of keeping such Thoro fares passable; otherwise, the municipal budget appropriation might easily become exhausted on a relatively few streets, instead of the many jobs extending throughout the Township.

During 1936, surface treatments of various kinds were given on 255 separate portions of streets, with 48' of such work concentrated on the maintenance of unimproved (unpaved) roads which required shaping and scraping, and the spreading of cinders. In many cases, calcium chloride to bind the surface and lay the dust was also applied.

On concrete pavements the expansion joints were filled, as were cracks occurring in penetration macadam pavements. In 1936, 31 streets received such treatment, and 1,352 gallons of material were used.

Asphalt and penetration macadam paving require "patching" where depressions or dangerous breaks develop; in such cases crushed stone with asphalt or tar is employed. During 1936, 36,995 square yards of "patching" was done on 107 jobs.

Statistical details relative to the above described forms of street maintenance, covering the past three years, are as follows:


                                   Material Used
               Number of           Cinders          Calcium Chloride
       Year   Street Treatments    (Cubic leads)         (Pounds)
       1934      94                - 3,528                26,200
       1935      70                  3,002                32,300
       1936     117                  3,369                39,100


               Number of            Material Used
               Street       Area Covered    Bituminous    Oil      Stone
               Treatments   (Sq. Yards)     Material
                                   (Gallons)   (Gallons)  (Cubic Yards)
             1934   97        32,095           21,094      27000     203
             1935   78        25,683           14,343
             1936  107        36,995           19,335                650


             Number of       Joints and Cracks       Material Used
             Streets Treated   (Running Feet)         (Gallons)

              1934  24           156,544             3,600
              1935  19            21,266             3,280
              1936  31            89,256             l,325

Scraping and Shaping an Unpaved Road by Means of Spring Type Grader Hooked-up to Truck



Asphalt Emulsion Treatment for Patching and Surfacing Bituminous Roads

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