The Department automotive fleet consists of six utility trucks, one emergency wagon, and the Superintendent's car. As pictured on page 5, they may be identified from left to right, as follows:

Superintendent's Car 1934 
Plymouth Coupe Emergency Wagon 1931 
Ford Truck No. 3 1936 
Ford Hydraulic Truck No. 4 1936 
Ford Dump Truck No. 5 1936 
Ford Bodies Truck No. 6 1934 
Reo Truck No. 7 1935 
Reo Truck No. 8 1935 Reo

Each unit of the automotive fleet is equipped with a fire extinguisher.


1-Street Sweeper (motorized) 1931 Elgin
1-Tractor 1935 Case
1-Grader  1928 Wehr
1-Grader (spring type) 1936 Root

Bituminous Material Distributors:

1-400 gallon capacity 1936 Littleford
1- 75 gallon capacity 1932 Littleford
1-Cinder and Calcium chloride Spreader  1936 Little Giant
1-Hammer, gasoline driven 1935 Barco
1-Tar Kettle 1931 Hauck
Snow Plows: Two (2) 1936 Good Roads
Two (2) 1935 Good Roads
One (1) 1935 Baker
Two (2) 1933 Austin-Western

Note: The purchase of a new Motorized Street Sweeper has been provided for this year see article on "Street Cleaning," page 8), and a Road Roller will also4be added to the road machinery group.



1-Centrifugal 4" Pump, 380 gallons per minute capacity 1935 Homelite
1-Centrifugal 21' Pump, 120 gallons per minute capacity 1936 Marlow
2-Diaphragm "Mud Hog" Pumps Old Marlow
Sewer Rods, 500 feet 1931 and 1935
2-Sewer Root Cutters ("ferrets") 1936
2-Winches, with cable 1927
4-Buckets, VI to 8'f
Hose, Couplings, and Nozzles: 400 feet of 21/21' hose, fitted with legless couplings



2-Motor Scythes 136 Detroit
1-Motor Lawn Mower 1935 Pennsylvania
2-Hand Lawn Mowers 1936 Pennsylvania


1-Air Compressor 1928
1-Battery Charger 1928 Tungar
1-Bendi Drill Press 1936 Atlas
1-Breast Drill, 1/2 1928 Millers Falls
1-Electric Grinder, 1/4 horse power 1935 Champion
2-Electric Motors, 1/4 horse power

In addition to the foregoing listed major items of equipment, practically all of which have been purchased during the past six years, the Department is adequately supplied with ladders, heavy chains, block and falls, wheel barrows, spades, sledge hammers, pickaxes, tree pruners, axes, hammers, saws, ropes, crow bars, rakes, brooms, and other minor tools. Department members are furnished with rubber coats, boots, and sou'westers. 

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