April 1, 1937.

To Every Citizen of Teaneck:

James Madison is reputed to have said, "A popular Government without popular information, or a means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy."

The old question of the taxpayers, "What do we get for our dollar?" is a proper one, and in Teaneck, we of the Municipal Government have always been most anxious that our citizens be kept informed of its status and progress.

The first Council under the Municipal Manager form of Government recognized this right of the taxpayer, and pledged themselves to keep their operations open to public view. Subsequent councils have held to the same obligation, and the publication of this booklet is in line with that policy.

Recently, we told you about our Fire Department; other departments will be treated in turn. If you who pay the bills have any suggestions or questions, by all means bring them in. My office door is always open.


Very truly yours,

Township Manager.

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