In December of 1935, the Township Council adopted an ordinance providing for the control, Planting, protection, and improvement of shade trees and shrubbery upon the highways, and municipal parks and grounds of Teaneck. The Council authorized the Township Manager to appoint a tree surgeon to supervise the work of this newly created Shade Tree Division, and to see that the ordinance provisions were enforced. An experienced man was engaged, who took over his duties on April 20, 1936.

Teaneck has about 10,000 trees on its streets, and in its parks and grounds. Prior to the inception of the Shade Tree Division, practically no care other than in emergency had been given to these trees; so a great deal had to be done, and planning was required to decide what art of the work should receive first attention. A complete supply of tools was purchased, including pruning and crosscut saws, ropes, blocks and tackle, chain, cable, wedges, etc.; a new Ford V8 hydraulic dump truck was also ordered.

The tree work requiring immediate attention was the pruning of low hanging branches which obstructed sidewalks and interfered with vehicles, also, the removal of such dead, dying, and dangerous trees as were hazardous to pedestrians and motorists. This clearing began early in June and continued to late in October, with an interruption of three weeks when it became necessary to care for tree damages on the Municipal Building grounds, caused by a heavy wind. In the course of the main job, approximately forty-five mile3 of streets were covered, and 6,160 man hours of labor used. From October to the end of December, l00 dead or dying trees were removed.

After receiving bids from several nurserymen, the Township awarded contracts to two bidders to furnish young trees for street planting at wholesale prices to Teaneck residents. Under this arrangement, which is still open, approximately 250 young trees, mostly Norway maples, lindens, and pin oaks have been planted, and numerous replacements of dead trees were made in different parts of the town with trees from the municipal nursery. In addition to tree work, time is given to shrubbery and pruning in the parks and grounds.


Care is Given to Shade Trees, under Skilled Supervision

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