After 50 years
A Pictorial Scrapbook of Teaneck - 1895-1946

Town Hall

Noting could be more illustrative of Teaneck's Progress in its first fifty years than this picture which shows in insert the old Teaneck Chapel, later the Town Hall where the Township's corporate life began and the new and modern Municipal Building which now house the efficient and progressive administration of its affairs.


Teaneck's Three Mayors
Karl D. Van Wagner Clarence G. Brett Milton G. Votee

Since Teaneck adopted the municipal manager form of Government on November 11, 1930, three mayors have served as head of its governing body, the Township Council.

The first mayor was Karl D. Van Wagner, who was elected by a four-to-one vote at the first meeting of the new government.  Van Wagner, who in later years was successively elected as an independent candidate to the Council, was then one of the leaders in the Taxpayers League.  He served four years in that capacity, but although high man on the ticket in 1934 was not re-elected when the Council reorganized.  However, he continued as a member of the Council until this year, when he declined to run again due to ill health.

Milton J. Votee succeeded him in that office and served twelve years in that capacity being re-elected twice.  This year Mr. Votee, although continuing as a member of the Council, did not seek the Mayoralty.

Under Mr. Votee many of the later improvements in the Townships services are inaugurated.

The third man to hold this office is the present incumbent, Clarence J. Brett, who was named to that office at the re-organization meeting in May.  Mayor Brett had previously served four years on the Council and before that had been a member of the Board of Education six years and president, three.

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