In the Township of Teaneck both water and electricity are furnished by private utility companies.  Because some municipalities have been remarkably successful in making profits on their utilities, even to the extent of eliminating taxes in some smaller places, the question of whether Teaneck should own its public utilities has from time to time been discussed.

Though it is within the realm of possibilities that Teaneck will some time supply its own water and electric light to its citizens, it is improbable that this will ever be brought about.   In the first place, there is no natural water power available making for cheap electrical power, nor are there sources of portable water available which would permit the Township to inaugurate a new water supply.  It is possible that enough water could be procured from deep wells, though inquires among State officials concerned with water supplies brought information which makes this seem unlikely. Even were as adequate supply discovered underground -- a separate surface supply is entirely out of the question -- there would still arise the necessity of coming to some agreement with the Hackensack Water Company for the purchase of its mains, since it would be financially and legally impossible to rip up the pavements to lay new mains.  A possible solution of the water supply question is that some time in the future the private companies now supplying this area will be absorbed by some State agency or commission, which will eventually supply water to this entire section.

Somewhat the same obstacles arise in the question of the Township supplying its own light and power service.  Suffice it to say here that long, expensive and exhaustive studies would be necessary before more than a guess as to the possibility of this could be made.

Meanwhile, it should be remembered that both the Public Service and Hackensack Water Companies pay heavy taxes to the Township.  In 1933 this amounted to:

  Hackensack Water Co. Public Service
Personal $46,480.97  
Franchise 12,442.88 $29,753.44
Gross Receipts   11,526.22
Total $58,923.85 $41,281.66


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