Library Mission Statement

The Mission of the Teaneck Public Library is to provide modern library resources and services necessary to meet the evolving educational, recreational and informational needs of the public, thus enhancing individual and community life.

Teaneck Public Library Policies Governing Use of the Library

(Adopted January 3, 2002, revised March 6, 2014)

The Teaneck Public Library endeavors to provide an atmosphere conducive to study, reading, and the legitimate use of materials and services. To foster such an environment, each person is requested to act in a considerate manner. For this reason, any behavior that disrupts the orderly use of the library or affects the staff's ability to provide services is prohibited.

The following are not permitted in the library:

  1. Eating. Drinking non-alcoholic beverages is permitted if they are in a secure container
  2. Smoking
  3. Sleeping
  4. Playing audio equipment so that others may hear it
  5. Using a cell phone
  6. Pets (only animals assisting disabled persons or in-training are permitted)
  7. Mis-using a restroom (i.e. as a laundry or bathing facility)
  8. Leaving a child under the age of ten without adult supervision
  9. Loitering or soliciting
  10. Photography on library premises without permission of the Library administration and those being photographed
  11. Patrons whose offensive bodily hygiene constitutes a nuisance to other library patrons or staff and thereby interferes with the rights of others to use the Library
  12. Patrons without footwear or shirts
  13. Threatening, harassing, staring at or physically harming library patrons or staff
  14. Carrying a weapon, unless authorized by law
  15. Damaging or stealing library materials or property

Activities in the Library are governed by Local, State, and Federal statutes regulating conduct in public places. Violators of the Library's rules, or Local, State, or Federal regulations may be required to leave the premises. Police assistance may be utilized if deemed advisory by the Library staff.

Persistent violations of the Library's rules may result in the suspension of library privileges, including the right to use the facilities and/or to borrow materials. Such suspension may be enacted by the Board of Trustees upon the recommendation of the Director.